Practice Exercises

SQL Habit has 2 main parts:

  1. A course aka "business simulator" made of 271 exercises and lessons. It's based on a story of a startup called Bindle and you'll play a role of a Data Analyst, solving different Marketing and Product challenges with data.
  2. Practice exercises. They're are standalone exercises based on various datasets – E-commerce, Finance and a Mobile Subscription app.

The aim of the Practice section is to deepen your SQL and Data Analysis knowledge. You'll apply everything you've learned in different contexts and truly become an Expert when it comes to answering questions with data.

Practice exercises have 4 difficutly levels, so you can solve some of them as you go through the main course.

Often, SQL Habit students use the Practice section to prepare for a job interview. You can also solve Practice exercises in the "Mock Interview" mode – you'll be given 2 random exercises and a 45 min timer.

Finance dataset exercises

This data warehouse simply contains all company’s financial transactions. 💵

If the company paid for something – there’s a debit transaction with negative amount. If someone paid the company – it’s a credit transaction with positive amount. 💰

Live dataset exercises

The Live dataset contains data of a meditation mobile app with subscription business model. 📱

The data is updated daily. You can run queries to calculate metrics for the past 24h, week, month, etc. and build dashboards as if you were actually working for that company. 📊