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SQL for Product Managers

Master SQL through the story of how a startup succeeded through data.

Learn in real context

Learn in real context

SQL Habit course is based on a story of a startup (subscription service for reading books). All lessons and exercises are built around real life scenarios: analyzing web and mobile funnels, calculating AARRR and other metrics, validating hypotheses with AB-tests, etc. 📱
Master Data Analysis

Master Data Analysis

You’ll learn SQL from scratch to the Expert level 💯, although it’s only 20% of success. SQL Habit covers the remaining 80%: they come from knowing what questions to ask, what metrics to calculate and technical aspects of web and mobile analytics. 📊
Prepare for an interview

Prepare for an interview

SQL Habit has multiple datasets (Subscription business, E-Commerce, Finance) and a special format to help you prepare – Mock Interviews. You’ll be solving exercises under time pressure, going over detailed solutions afterwards. 💼
Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit

Meet the author

Hi, my name is Anatoli or @makaroni4! 👋 For the last 10 years I’ve been typing SQL queries as a Software Engineer, CEO, Marketer, and Data Analyst. I’ve been working as a Lead Engineer in the Growth Team at Blinkist, helping it to grow to 16 million users.

All these experiences have taught me one thing - you should know how to use your data. This inspired me to create SQL Habit, so you can make more data-informed decisions. 🚀

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit

SQL Habit objectives

You're fluent with SQL in a month

You know SQL syntax and techniques needed to answer any question with data: filtering, aggregation, window functions, regular expressions, etc. You’re comfortable with using SQL at work and can ace any interview.

You know all aspects of product data

You will learn how to analyze web and mobile products using AARRR metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Revenue), cohort analysis, segmentation, AB-tests and more.

You've developed a Data Analysis skill

Knowing SQL syntax is just information. SQL Habit will help you develop a skill to approach any kind of data analysis: working with web and mobile data, marketing or product.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the course for free?

Absolutely. The first 36 lessons and exercises are free. Just signup with your email, no credit card info required.

Do you accept PayPal purchases?

Of course! 💯

Can I get an invoice?

Absolutely! Right after purchasing you’ll get a receipt which includes a link to generate an invoice with any extra information you need to add for your own accounting purposes.

Do you have monthly subscription?

Nope, one time purchase allows you to access it forever. Honestly, I believe it’ll take you 1-2 months to really develop this strong SQL Habit. 💪

Can I purchase SQL Habit for my team/company?

Sure thing! Check out team options here or shoot me an email with how many licenses do you want at hello@sqlhabit.com and I’ll send you an invoice and license keys. 👥

What if I realize it’s not for me?

No problem! Ping me at support@sqlhabit.com and you’ll be refunded in full, no questions asked (except feedback).