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Level up your career or business by becoming 100% data informed

Master SQL through the story of how a startup succeeded through data.

Mariia, Performance Marketing Lead @ CareerFoundry

Anatoli and SQL Habit have given a kickstart to a whole new approach to marketing analytics at CareerFoundry. We have a much clearer vision of how to connect the data from different sources. We now have a group of SQL enthusiasts from across the marketing team finding the answers to their questions in data and automating reports, that’s already saving a ridiculous amount of time.

David, Product Ops @ Metaview

SQL Habit really helped me to ramp up for my role at Metaview before I joined. It can be very tiring following the more standard SQL tutorials online - however, I found SQL Habit really fun to engage with. The way the course was structured as a storyline, following the founders of a startup, made it feel like I was learning alongside the main characters as they went through the stages of building out a product. I recommended this to other new joiners at Metaview who also have found it a great way to pick up SQL!

Holger, CEO @ Blinkist

One of the most important practical skills I've learned in the early years of Blinkist has been SQL. It helped me to dig into our Marketing & Product data and quickly explore certain hypotheses I had. It has empowered me to take smarter decisions, avoid costly mistakes and has nurtured my intuition re: what works and what doesn't. I wish this course had existed 5 years ago and highly recommend you take a look - you'll learn from the best!

Merlin, Data Science & Engineering Lead @ Phiture

The SQL Habit course is unique in terms of the holistic approach to mobile marketing. It covers everything from SQL basics to mobile attribution and A/B testing. What I find most impressive is the deep understanding one gains on how marketing data really works. I, therefore, recommend the course as a learning goal for consultants within our company.

Rob, CEO @ Feather

It's amazing how an awareness for data is impacting every part of our business. SQL Habit has allowed me to dive into our data, and get a great feel for how things are working both in product and marketing. Going forward it allows us to set a very high bar for data collection and making use of it to inform decisions.

Oleg, Data Science @ Next Round

SQL has been the most transferable skill in my career. While I've been moving between different engineering, product and data roles, it was one thing that always came in handy. The best way to learn any new skill is to practice it in an environment as close to actual work as possible. That's precisely what you get from SQL Habit – hundreds of case studies that walk you through the situations you would experience when working in a startup.

More than SQL course

More than SQL course

The SQL Habit is based on a story of a fictional startup called Bindle. You’ll solve real-life challenges from business, marketing, and product management. You’ll learn how to work with data, specifics of Data Analysis for web and mobile apps. And, of course, SQL.


SQL Habit teaches practical, actionable skills. You’ll write queries in the actual data warehouse of a company named Bindle. From the very first lesson, everything you learn could be applied in the real context.


Each lesson and exercise are designed to be 15-30 minutes long, so you can easily fit it into your day!
Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

Prepare for an interview with Mock Interviews – 2 real-life challenges that you’ll have to solve in 45 minutes. Improve your skill since all Mock Interviews come with detailed explanations.

55+ hours of materials

348 lessons and exercises inspired by the story of a growing startup. You’ll learn SQL from zero to Data Analyst level and, most importantly, how data works on the web and for mobile apps.

7720 students

Join a great company – 7720 Marketers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, and Entrepreneurs practice using data with SQL Habit.

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit

Meet the author

Hi, my name is Anatoli or @makaroni4! 👋 For the last 10 years I’ve been typing SQL queries as a Software Engineer, CEO, Marketer, and Data Analyst. I’ve been working as a Lead Engineer in the Growth Team at Blinkist, helping it to grow to 16 million users.

All these experiences have taught me one thing - you should know how to use your data. This inspired me to create SQL Habit, so you can make more data-informed decisions. 🚀

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit

What will you learn?

How to use data in Marketing

Marketing + Data + SQL = ❤. We’ll calculate a variety of marketing metrics (ROI, CPC, CPS, CPA and more). You will learn how to build attribution models, analyze campaigns and run cohort analyses.

How to use data in Product

You will learn how to analyze web and mobile products using AARRR metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Revenue), cohort analysis, segmentation, AB-tests and more.

How to make business decisions

You will learn how to analyze business growth and profitability by looking at unit economics. We’ll learn how to determine converstion rates, measure organic and paid growth.

Data Analysis

You will learn the fundamental principles of data analysis: how to calculate conversion rates, run cohort and funnel analysis, analyze trends and monitor your business health.

Mock Interviews

SQL Habit offers Mock Interviews – a special format dedicated to get you ready for an upcoming interview. 2 real-life challenges, 45 minutes, time is on!

How to master SQL

The course will teach you every aspect of SQL. You will be able to use SQL for all possible situations. Previous knowledge not required.

How SQL Habit works

The course has all the necessary resources to make you an advanced SQL user. With SQL Habit, you can back up any decision with data. No previous experience required.

Course Chapters


You’ll learn how SQL Habit works and how to get the most out of the course. A quick chapter to set you up for an efficient and effective learning 🚀

Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Together with Bindle’s founders you’ll learn SQL basics and how it helps to segment users (by country, time etc), work with basic timelines 📈

Running marketing

This chapter focuses on SQL for marketing: what data can help us measure an effectiveness of our campaigns, how to group data, work with time lines and cohorts 📊

Revenue analytics and unit economics

In this chapter we’ll dive into all things revenue: calculating gross revenue, revenue per country/time period. We’ll see how we can join marketing and revenue data to calculate ROI and business unit economics (revenue per user etc) 💸

Product Analytics. Part 1

Bindle launches a mobile app to allow users read books on the go. In this chapter we’ll learn funnel analysis for product flows (onboarding, purchase), retention metrics and more 💻

Mobile attribution

You’ll learn about mobile attribution. How it works technically and how mixed attribution model works on web and mobile 📱

Product Analytics. Part 2

Second part of Product Analytics focuses on analytics for mobile apps, retention rate, churn rate and LTV 📈

AB-tests analysis

It’s time for the new chapter at Bindle – running AB-tests. Just shipping features is not enough, AB-tests allow learning how and why changes in the product affect users behavior and happiness. This chapter talks about AB-tests analysis with SQL 💊

Text analysis with SQL

In this chapter we’ll be learning about getting useful insights from text data using Pattern Matching, Regular Expressions; we’ll go over all String functions in SQL 📖

Dashboards and alarms

This chapters talks about using SQL in BI tools, analytics dashboards and typical SQL queries behind them. We’ll also discuss automatic error detection using data and SQL. 🚨

SQL at work

This chapter is a collection of tips and tricks from Marketers, Product Managers and Data Analysts that will give you a head start on using SQL at work 💼

Manipulating data

In this chapter we’ll talk about everything we haven’t been talking yet – modifying data in the database. Inserting new rows, updating and deleting 🛠


This is SQL Habit’s storage room. It covers the aspects of SQL databases we haven’t discussed yet: rare JOIN types, set theory, lists of scalar, aggregate and window functions 🚚


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Anna, Junior CRM Specialist, Blinkist
Karina, Data Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the course for free?

Absolutely. The first 36 lessons and exercises are free. Just signup with your email, no credit card info required.

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Of course! 💯

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Absolutely! Right after purchasing you’ll get a receipt which includes a link to generate an invoice with any extra information you need to add for your own accounting purposes.

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Nope, one time purchase allows you to access it forever. Honestly, I believe it’ll take you 1-2 months to really develop this strong SQL Habit. 💪

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Sure thing! Check out team options here or shoot me an email with how many licenses do you want at hello@sqlhabit.com and I’ll send you an invoice and license keys. 👥

What if I realize it’s not for me?

No problem! Ping me at support@sqlhabit.com and you’ll be refunded in full, no questions asked (except feedback).