Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Data Analysis chapter! 👋

This is where the story of Bindle, fictional startup behind the SQL Habit course, begins. Just a little spoiler: Bindle is an early stage startup, it’s an online book library available via subscription. You’ll have a full access to their data warehouse. 🙀

Bindle was launched by a group of friends who has no idea about data and SQL. Guess what – you’ll play a role of their Data Analyst. As the startup grows, you’ll face different challenges – estimate feature usage, calculate marketing metrics, analyze product from various angels and much more.

That’s the magic behind SQL Habit – on one side, you’ll be learning how a startup operates, how data informs decisions. On the other side, you’ll learn all the necessary SQL and Data Analysis techniques to use the data.

Let’s look at chapter’s theoretical agenda. This chapter contains 39 lessons and exercises that will teach you the basic SQL operations:

  • selecting raw data from tables
  • filtering data
  • how if/else logic works in SQL
  • data types in SQL
  • how to use functions in SQL
  • how to structure complex queries

I know, this list ☝ looks a bit dry, but don’t forget that it’ll all be taught in the context of Bindle. All the data you’ll be working with is no different from some startup in real life.

On the practical side, you’ll learn:

  • how to select the right data for your research: users from a specific country, users that signed up on a given week or month, etc
  • how to calculate rates: purchase rate, for example
  • how to break down users into age groups
  • how to check who used a certain feature

Overall, it’s a fun and easy chapter that will level your Google Spreadsheet and SQL knowledge. The interesting stuff starts in the next chapter on running marketing where you’ll learn how to aggregate data. I promise you, it’ll be a life before/after experience – once you master fundamentals and aggregations you’ll be on a whole new level. See you there! 🚀

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit About SQL Habit

Hi, it’s Anatoli, the author of SQL Habit. 👋

SQL Habit is a course (or, as some of the students say, “business simulator”). It’s based on a story of a fictional startup called Bindle. You’ll play a role of their Data Analyst 📊 and solve real-life challenges from Business, Marketing, and Product Management.

SQL Habit course is made of 13 chapters (you’re looking at one atm) that contain 271 bite-sized lessons and exercises. All of them have a real-life setting and detailed explanations. You can immediately apply everything you’ve learned at work. 🚀

The 2nd part of the course is called Practice. It’s made of standalone exercises based on multiple datasets – E-commerce, Finance and Meditation app a-la Headspace or Calm. Practice exercises are harder than in the main course. They’ll get you ready for any challenge at work or an interview. 💪


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