12. Inspecting a specific user record

Sandra and Linh were sitting and reading SQL manuals when Gessica entered the room. "Girls, I need your help! Some user has sent us 5 emails, he claims that he purchased a subscription, but is no longer able to log in. I checked with the agency, they said that indeed a user tried to log in with no success many times, user’s id is 2404. I need your help figuring out what’s wrong with this user.".

"Let’s look at his record first, maybe it’s just a typo in the email." – said Linh as she was reading about the WHERE keyword.

⚠ IMPORTANT: this is the first exercise, let me show you around real quick. To solve each exercise we’ll work with the actual database of Bindle. To query this database use the SQL Editor tab or Playground ☝ – type in any SQL query you want there.

⚠ Once you’re ready with the query and you think you got the answer – submit it in this field below 👇 For example if email f foo

And now comes the first exercise: What’s the email of a user with id 2404?

⚠ Type SQL queries in the SQL Editor ☝ to find the answer to this exercise. Do your research in the SQL Editor and then submit numeric or text answer via this form. ⚠


You need to write a query which could be interpreted like “From all the records in the users table give me one which has id equals to 2404”.


SELECT email
FROM users
  id = 2404

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-- Type in your query here. You might want to start by listing all records: SELECT * FROM users
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