23. Number of customers in a month

Month-to-month growth is a very important metric for a company. Let’s use everything we’ve learned so far and calculate how many customers Bindle added within the first month after launch (Jan 2018).

⚠ Type SQL queries in the SQL Editor ☝ to find the answer to this exercise. Do your research in the SQL Editor and then submit numeric or text answer via this form. ⚠


We need to write a query that filters records in the users table for status (we need customer-s) and signup_date (we need only Jan 2018).

Now you have a good arsenal of date filters to apply – greater than >, greater than or equals >=, less than <, less than or equals <= or BETWEEN. 🚀


FROM users
  status = 'customer'
  AND signup_date BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-01-31'

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