Chapter 12: Manipulating data

In all previous chapters we’ve been writing SELECT queries. We queried nicely structured data to gether insights, but how this data end up in a database?


In real life, you might not always have a nicely structured dataset to work with. Time constraints, new research idea – it means you’ll have to take care of structuring the data yourself.

We’ve already been doing this – every CTE (Common Table Expression aka subquery) is an attempt to structure the data for our research. In the case of a giant unstructured dataset (for example, raw server logs) it’s better to cache a CTE – to save a subquery result set as a proper table.

What you’ll learn

There’re 4 major commands in SQL – SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT.

I guess it’s straightforward what each command does. If you already have a nicely structured Data Warehouse at your company, you’ll be writing SELECT queries 99% of the time (the number varies depending on your role, of course).

There’s still this 1% where you need to insert, update or delete records from the database. That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this chapter. Let’s go! 🚀

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