Chapter 8: AB-tests analysis

This chapter on AB-test analysis gives you a head start into running and analyzing AB-tests. It goes way beyond “which button has a higher CTR” approach and gives you tools to holistically analyze AB-tests.

What is AB-testing?

AB-testing is a tool to learn about our users behavior, test new designs, features, it’s many things.

In short, during an AB-test users are split into cohorts and each cohort sees their unique AB-test variation – a completely different UX. Later, we look at the performance of each variation and trying to find a winner – a variation that later will stay in the app for all users.

AB-test mindset

AB-test analysis requires a certain mindset. Instead of blindly comparing a CTR or a single metric to find a winning variation, I highly recommend to learn why it is the case.

In other words, I recommend planning every AB-test as a proper behaviorial experiment. Start by forming a hypothesis in the beginning and then use Data Analysis to either confirm or deny this hypothesis.

This is where Funnel Analysis comes handy – we can compare an entire AARRR funnel for every variation and see its effects. This is exactly what you’ll be doing in this chapter, let’s go!

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