Chapter 1: Introduction

Hi and welcome to SQL Habit! đź‘‹

You’re looking at the Introduction chapter of the course. It’s fairly small and contains just 6 lessons. You’ll learn about the history of SQL, how and there it was developed and, most importantly, why.

Introduction chapter will give you an intuition about SQL databases, how data is stored and accessed (a Data Analyst would say “queried”).

The chapter’s main goal is to get you started with SQL Habit. You’ll write and run your first SQL query; you’ll learn how to do it effectively – by learning SQL Habit’s editor shortcuts (they’re very common among other editors too).

Make sure you’ll check out the next chapter as well – Fundamentals of Data Analysis. It’ll give you a head start in SQL and you’ll meet your first SQL Habit exercise. See you there! 🚀

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit About SQL Habit

Hi, it’s Anatoli, the author of SQL Habit. 👋

SQL Habit is a course (or, as some of the students say, “business simulator”). It’s based on a story of a fictional startup called Bindle. You’ll play a role of their Data Analyst 📊 and solve real-life challenges from Business, Marketing, and Product Management.

SQL Habit course is made of 13 chapters (you’re looking at one atm) that contain 271 bite-sized lessons and exercises. All of them have a real-life setting and detailed explanations. You can immediately apply everything you’ve learned at work. 🚀

The 2nd part of the course is called Practice. It’s made of standalone exercises based on multiple datasets – E-commerce, Finance and Meditation app a-la Headspace or Calm. Practice exercises are harder than in the main course. They’ll get you ready for any challenge at work or an interview. 💪


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