Introduction Introduction to SQL Habit

1. Introduction to SQL Habit

Hi and welcome to SQL Habit! 🍾 👋

My name is Anatoli and I’m thrilled that you’re reading this! It seriously blows my mind that I’m here in Berlin writing it and you’re where you are reading it. Thank you for giving SQL Habit a chance, it means a world to me and I’ll do my best to make sure you’ll learn a lot and have a great experience ❤

Course story

SQLHabit is based on a story of a fiction startup called Bindle – subscription service for reading books. It was founded by three friends – Linh, Gessica and Sandra, avid book readers who wanted to share their passion with the world and provide the best experience of reading books online.

The story of Bindle starts with a successful launch of an MVP (minimal viable product) website. Together with founders, we’ll see how Bindle launches new features, apps, does marketing, customer support, and much more. We’ll face business challenges together and learn about SQL and data to solve them.

About SQL Habit website


The course contains lessons and exercises. They follow Bindle’s story and are ordered in a way that lessons explain all necessary theory to solve exercises. You can access all of them via the Contents link in the menu.


This is where all your queries will be stored. SQL Habit course covers all aspects of SQL one would need to run a company. Just copy your queries and apply them at your work 🚀


Each exercise will ask you a specific question, like “How many new customers did we have in June 2018?”. To answer this we’ll query Bindle’s database. You can find SQL editor behind the Playground menu item.


Here you can change email/password, redeem a license key, or write a review for the course.

I wish you the best of luck developing your SQL habit 🙏

Best, Anatoli

PS If you have any feedback/questions – always reach out via chat in the bottom right corner, email at, or DM me on Twitter @makaroni4.

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit About SQL Habit

Hi, it’s Anatoli, the author of SQL Habit. 👋

SQL Habit is a course (or, as some of the students say, “business simulator”). It’s based on a story of a fictional startup called Bindle. You’ll play a role of their Data Analyst 📊 and solve real-life challenges from Business, Marketing, and Product Management.

SQL Habit course is made of bite-sized lessons (you’re looking at one atm) and exercises. They always have a real-life setting and detailed explanations. You can immediately apply everything you’ve learned at work. 🚀

“well worth the money”

Fluent in SQL in a month

Master Data Analysis with SQL with real life examples from Product Management, Marketing, Finance and more.
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