Practice Business spending seasonality

Business spending seasonality

About the exercise

Seasonality is a feature not only for your business revenue flow but also for expenses. In this exercise you’ll analyze when the business has the highest expenses (and help finance people to plan the next year). 📊

💾  About the dataset

This data warehouse simply contains all company’s financial transactions. 💵

If the company paid for something – there’s a debit transaction with negative amount. If someone paid the company – it’s a credit transaction with positive amount. 💰

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit About SQL Habit

Hi, it’s Anatoli, the author of SQL Habit. 👋

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SQL Habit is also a collection of Practice exercises (you’re looking at one atm) based on various datasets (E-commerce, Finance, etc). They’re meant to deepen your SQL and Data Analysis knowledge 💪, prepare you for any challenge at work or a job interview.

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