Practice Distribution of countries by purchase rate

Distribution of countries by purchase rate

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About the exercise

Let’s level up our segmentation game and this time apply in to purchase rate. Looking at the TOP countries by purchase rate can define next steps for our marketing efforts.

💾  About the dataset

This data warehouse belongs to a fictional startup named Bindle. Bindle is a web and mobile app for reading books, it has subscription business model. The SQL Habit Course is based on Bindle’s story. 📖

Bindle’s data warehouse contains everything needed to run a modern Internet company – web and mobile analytics, marketing data, AB-test data, etc. 📊

Anatoli Makarevich, author of SQL Habit About SQL Habit

Hi, it’s Anatoli, the author of SQL Habit. 👋

SQL Habit is a course (or, as some of the students say, “business simulator”). It’s based on a story of a fictional startup called Bindle. You’ll play a role of their Data Analyst 📊 and solve real-life challenges from Business, Marketing, and Product Management.

SQL Habit is also a collection of Practice exercises (you’re looking at one atm) based on various datasets (E-commerce, Finance, etc). They’re meant to deepen your SQL and Data Analysis knowledge 💪, prepare you for any challenge at work or a job interview.

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